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Neck pain and Physical Therapy
Making Most of the Holiday season
Why Physical Therapy
Choose the right Physical Therapist


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Neck pain and Physical Therapy

What constitutes serious neck and head pain? 

By the time people seek treatment for their neck pain and headaches, it’s not because of the occasional twinge, but rather for problems that have lasted several months. Common complaints include migraines and tension headaches, not being able to turn one’s head fully, all-over neck soreness, stabbing pain localized to one spot on the neck, or pain that radiates as far down as the fingertips.

In some cases, the causes of your headaches or neck pain may be obvious — if you’ve recently been in a car accident or suffered a sports injury, for example.

Making Most of the Holiday season

Top Ways to Make the Most of the Holidays if You Are in Pain

Getting the best of Christmas ~ here are some top tips if you’re suffering pain so that you can maximise your enjoyment and create some great memories!
“get the best of you
Christmas is not an easy time for everyone. There are numerous challenges that include preparing a lunch, buying and wrapping gifts and seeing relatives. Add a layer of persistent pain, and these and other challenges are somewhat amplified.

Why Physical Therapy

When is it time to consider Physical Therapy

Let's say you've started having constant back pains when you bend down to pick up items off the floor or tie your shoelaces. The pain only occurs during this bending over activity, and you solve the problem by taking pain medication every now and again. Did you know you could see a Physical Therapist to help you with this issue. "But why would I need a Physical Therapist?" you ask yourself. It's not a big deal and it'll go away eventually.

Choose the right Physical Therapist

My doctor has given me an order for Physical Therapy. What should I do now?

It is your choice of where to go, there are many providers to choose from. 

Would you choose to go to a therapist with over 20 years of experience. Then choose Palenchar Physical Therapy.

Would you like to go to an office with one to one care and attention. Then choose Palenchar Physical Therapy.

Do you want to know your therapist's name and seen by the same therapist every time, this is our model at Palenchar Physical Therapy.
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